$1,027 allocated to Climbing Club for gear


The Climbing Club received just over $1,000 for the purchase of climbing gear during Franciscan University Student Government’s business meeting on Wednesday.

Fall Bill 59 allocated $1,027 to the Climbing Club; the money will be used for gear and other necessities, according to the bill. The bill stated the equipment to be bought was “necessary for safety on future trips.”

Sen. Athanasius Sirilla commended the club for its flexibility with its budget for the spring semester, which had been tabled in order to pass Student Government’s overall spring budget, and urged his peers to vote for the bill, which they did unanimously.

Fall Bill 60 allocated $750 to the Baron Pep Band to buy music stands for its performances. According to club representative JP Soulliere, the stands would be stored in the Finnegan Fieldhouse in a specified storage area. The bill passed without a problem.

Also during the meeting:

Fall Bill 61 reallocated $420 for the Veritas Society to print more issues of The Gauntlet.

Fall Bill 62 allocated $155 to the Veritas Society for food at their meetings and the creation of their new website.

Treasurer Kelsey Scott-Avery said the contingency fund sat at $33,211.24.

Student Government will meet for the last time this semester on Dec. 5 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.