$420 allocated to FUSG for initiative


Franciscan University Student Government allocated $420 to itself to use in its SG on the Hill initiative during its formal business meeting Wednesday.

Spring Bill 21 called for the amount to be given to Student Government to purchase doughnuts from Gus’s Goodies, a family-owned business located in Weirton. President Samantha Martinez said that the purpose of the initiative is to give students an opportunity to have their opinions heard and that the doughnuts will be an incentive for students to come by the tables.

Sen. Michael Williams said that he approved of the bill, calling it a good chance for Student Government to represent the student body. The bill passed unanimously.

The Graduate Counseling Association was the beneficiary of three separate bills: $105 for inductions into Chi Sigma Iota honor society; $105 for food and supplies for a talk given by Michael Horne, a clinical psychologist; and $200 for a panel discussion. All three bills were passed.

Also during the meeting:

$79.55 was allocated to the Equestrian Club for one of the club’s semester shows.

Student Government voted to recognize the International Coffee Club, which had already received recognition from Student Life.

Kelsey Scott Avery was confirmed as a justice, filling a vacancy left in the judicial branch.

Treasurer Olivia Romano reported that the Student Government’s contingency fund held $20,284.41 as of Wednesday’s meeting.

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