A year in review with the president

Staff Writer

The Rev. Sean Sheridan was inaugurated as Franciscan University of Steubenville’s sixth president on Oct. 10, 2013. As the one-year anniversary of his presidency approaches, Sheridan sat with The Troubadour to discuss his goals, the university and its students.

How would you describe your first year of presidency?

“It’s been a great year. Learning the ways that the university functions and how important so many people who help the university are.”

What has been your favorite part?

“The interactivity. Hanging out in the caf with the students … talking with them. What I really enjoy, too, is being the representative of Franciscan University off campus to friends, family and alumni, and sharing the good that the university does.”

What has been the most difficult/challenging part?

“I think trying to balance. Being on top of things and recognizing the competing interests, and figuring out how to meet the needs of various contingent groups.”


You said in your last interview that you saw your role as president being the “shepherd” of the university. How do you believe you have carried this out?

“Being present for the celebration of the sacraments. I rotate to celebrate Sunday Mass, and I enjoy celebrating hall Masses with the students in their homes. I also try to provide as much pastoral care as I can. Father Nathan is doing a wonderful job with the pastoral care on campus and trying to see that students can get what they need.”


What are your goals for the upcoming year?

“Right now, I’ve just been doing a lot of listening to understand what Franciscan can become … to see where God leads us. We (the university) are in a pivotal place and can go in different directions. I want to be available to people to listen and hear that they see as a vision of the future for Franciscan. Tangibly, goals are regarding finishing up the upper level renovations to the Fieldhouse.”


Sheridan said he hopes that students will continue to strive to be the presence of Christ, both on campus and in the world.



The Troubadour greatly thanks the Rev. Sheridan for taking the time to be interviewed. The staff, and all at Franciscan, thank you for your leadership and service this past year, and they will keep you in prayer.