Are you a business in the Steubenville area? The Troubadour has been a valuable advertising outlet for all these types of organizations, and yours could be next.

Did you know that 76% of students, on average, have read their school newspaper in the past 30 days?

Not only that, but the study by Alloy Media and MORI Research* also showed:

– 70% of students said they were moved to take some sort of action after seeing an ad in their campus newspaper.

– 50% attended an event that was advertised.

– 48% mentioned the ad to a friend.

– 23% have researched a product online after seeing the ad.

– Coupons were shown to have great drawing power, with 78% of students saying they have used a coupon from their campus newspaper

The fact is that college newspaper ads bring results. College students are a unique demographic that can be easily and narrowly targeted all with one campus publication. Not only do they spend money now, but they soon will be also making plans for larger purchases. Ads that influence them now can have an effect on their spending for many years beyond their graduation date. Advertising in campus newspapers like The Troubadour is an attractive option and important facet to an effective marketing campaign.

The Troubadour offers both print and online advertising. If you would like to discuss which advertising opportunities are right for you, please contact tro[email protected], subject line “TROUB ADVERTISING.”

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  1. Hello –
    I have a client that is potentially interested in advertising in your paper.
    Can you emai; me your rate sheet as well as any digital component you have.


  2. Hello, The Poor Clare Monastery in Cleveland would be interested in advertising in your print and on-line issues this year. Please send me your rate sheet,

    1. Hello Father Gerard!! Send us an email at [email protected] and we will forward you our rate sheet! Thank you for your interest!!


  3. I know this is a long shot. Google led me here. I found a high school class ring of John Gallagher 1991 Franciscan high

    If you know him or if he’s missing his class ring. Let me know


    John Muldoon. [email protected]

  4. Hello,
    I am a student at Franciscan, and am currently taking classes online due to my being on deployment. I wanted to ask if you all would consider my short poem for addition into your paper. I thought it would be good to put out now due to the current push to modernize the Church. The short poem is below. Thanks for your consideration.

    Evil, Society, and the Church

    It starts as an abstract
    A dissent of morals
    Then a departure from law
    From here, a peaceful return is unlikely
    Indifference prepares the path for it
    It does not go unnoticed, but unrestricted
    Carelessness transforms to acceptance
    Acceptance to embrace
    But this is not the end of the road
    There is a group that has yet to dissent
    But it could
    This group saves
    But it could condemn
    There is, however, one certainty
    Among those of the group,
    There are those who stay true to their King
    These will be marked by diligence, courage, and fortitude
    These will not be stopped, even by death
    These will persevere until the rightful order is restored

    1. Hi Andrew! Would you be able to email your writing to [email protected] ? Our editor can discuss further steps with you on there!

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