Alex Blose: One More

By Charles Jardine
Sports Editor

Alex Blose is a courageous, fun to be around and humble person. He recently transferred to Franciscan in the spring of his sophomore year, after discerning out of seminary.

Blose currently competes on the university’s track and field team, primarily as a pole vaulter, but also a multi-event threat in the hurdles and jumping events as well.

Growing up, Blose’s dad was his coach from the beginning. He recounts “when I was little, my dad was still competing and he was also coaching and sometimes he would bring me to practice and I loved the guys and found a love to pole vaulting.”

Blose is the oldest of four brothers, with a sister on the way. He enjoys the ability his brothers have had in their recent years to “be competitive and help push me.” Growing up in an athletic family, Blose played several sports growing up including track, football and even wrestling.

On having his dad as his coach, Blose had this to say:

“I am really grateful for my dad because he always struck the balance of being a dad and being a coach. Some dads play into the dad role too much and can’t be a coach, and likewise some dads are a coach too much and burn out their kids. My dad has always been able to switch on being a dad and being a coach at the right time. This helped make the low points more bearable, but the high points that much greater.”

Blose has been competing in the pole vault since the seventh grade. Now a sophomore in college, he aims to get back into the swing of things after not being able to compete during his time in the seminary. Blose set his best mark in the pole vault this season at the Indoor Conference Championships with a jump of 3.95m, securing second place.

Since the indoor season, Blose has been battling minor back injuries. Despite being injured he appreciates “how it has made me be grateful for when I can compete. Sometimes I get caught up in the grind and forget about the fun. Not being able to practice at full strength has made me appreciate even the bad days and find the joy where I didn’t before.”

Aside from track, Blose is a business marketing major and is looking into a communications minor. In his free time, he likes to hang out with friends, spend time in the port and play his guitar.

Looking to the future, Blose has high expectations for himself. The phrase he tells himself is “one more. One more rep, one more sprint, one more jump.” This phrase has helped Blose push past his limits and achieve his goals.

The track and field team will soon compete in the NCAA Outdoor Conference Championship, where Blose hopes to continue on a strong season and have another great performance.

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