David Schmiesing

Years attended Franciscan: 1988-1992

Majors: BA History, MS Education

Positions with the Troubadour: Editor-in-Chief 1990-1991, Sports Editor 1989-1990, Staff Writer

David, now vice president of Student Life at Franciscan University, began as a sports writer his freshman year at The Troubadour.  He became the sports editor the following year and was then asked to be the editor-in-chief his junior year. (READ FULL BIO)


Mariann Hughes

Years attended Franciscan: 2005-2007

Major: Communication Arts: Journalism

Positions with the Troubadour: Editor-in-Chief 2006-2007, Assistant Editor 2006, Layout Editor 2005

Mariann Hughes, the recipient of the 2016 Outstanding Young Alumni Gold Award, graduated from Franciscan University in the summer of 2007 with a degree in Communication Arts with a Journalism concentration. Since then, the skills she learned have taken her to new heights as she went from state to state pursuing God’s plan for her life. (READ FULL BIO) 



Andrea Scott

Years attended Franciscan: 2007-2011

Majors: Communication Arts: Journalism

Minor: Theology and Sociology

Positions with the Troubadour: Editor-in-Chief 2010-2011, Distribution Manager 2008-2009, Staff Writer.




Elizabeth (Wong) Barnstead

Years attended Franciscan: 2009-2013

Major: Communication Arts: Journalism

Positions with the Troubadour: Editor-in-Chief 2012-2013, Assistant Editor 2011-2012, Staff Writer 2009-2011






Jordan (Otero) Sisson

Majors: Communication Arts: Journalism

Minor: Political Science

Positions with the Troubadour: Editor-in-Chief 2013-2014, Web Editor Spring 2013, Austria Correspondent Fall 2012, Layout Editor Spring 2011, Staff Writer.

Sisson knew she wanted to be a journalist since she was in high school, but the bug grew stronger once she got to Franciscan University and became involved in The Troubadour. She took on multiple positions throughout her four years until her senior year when she served as Editor-in-Chief. (READ FULL BIO)



Olivia (Sielaff) Bardella

Years attended Franciscan: 2011-2015

Major: Philosophy

Positions with the Troubadour: Editor-in-Chief Fall 2014-Spring 2015, Assistant Editor Spring 2014, Copy Editor Fall 2013