American Red Cross club receives funds at FUSG meeting


Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) met Oct. 5 to allocate funds to the American Red Cross Club and itself.

After the opening roll call, President Jack Scanlon read the treasurer’s report, announcing that the contingency fund contains $38,294.99.

During committee reports, Sen. Samantha Martinez announced that the Finance Committee had met and passed two bills with minor amendments.

During the formal business segment, these bills were brought to the cabinet, beginning with Fall Bill #20, seeking allocation of funds to the American Red Cross Club.  The bill sought to allocate a total of $160, to be split evenly between the club’s blood drives on Oct. 19 and Nov. 11. The money would be used to purchase pizza for blood donors.  Representing the club were Erin Zembruski, president, and Kristen Baldoz, secretary. The bill passed without objection.

Fall Bill #21, sponsored by Sen. Martinez, requested that $120 be allocated to Student Government itself for the publishing fees of the new FUSG website. Serving as the club representative for the purpose of this bill was P.R. Liaison Katie Irvin.

When the floor opened for debate, Sen. James Kueber asked why a cheaper website publisher was not used, such as Microsoft WordPress; Irvin responded that FUSG had used WordPress in the past and it did not prove to be user-friendly. Irvin continued to say that the website will be launched as soon as funds are allocated and will be updated every week.  The bill then passed without amendments.

FUSG advisor David Schmiesing used his advisor’s comments to remind the cabinet of the purpose of Student Government and the several responsibilities they have to the student body, faculty and themselves.

Before adjourning, Vice President Clare McCallan announced updated committee assignments and reminded senators of their respective roles within those committees.

FUSG will next meet Oct. 12 at 11 a.m.

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