Anonymous group helps women overcome temptation, addiction

Margaret Peppiatt
Staff Writer

Students at Franciscan University are not alone in struggling with addictions such as pornography and masturbation. The anonymous group Redeemed and Set Free aims to assist women grappling with these problems.

“Basically, it’s a group on campus for women who struggle with sexual sins, specifically anything that has to do with lust,” said Katie Collin, spokesperson for Redeemed and Set Free.

Collin said that society often “celebrates” and normalizes immoral acts like pornography and masturbation, making it difficult for women to combat these issues.

“It can feel kind of isolating sometimes on a campus like this because I don’t think it’s talked about as much as it should be,” Collin said.

The group meets once a week to help women implement practical ways to promote positive change in their lives. Meetings include praying together and going through a book with twelve steps focused on overcoming these challenges.

“As a group we come together mainly just to support each other as we’re striving towards purity,” Collin said, adding that participants “celebrate each other’s victories” while also being there for when people fall.

Collin noted how neat it is to see women at different places in their journey. “For some people, it’s a big deal if they make it one day … (for others), one or two years,” Collin said.

Redeemed and Set Free has grown since its founding in 2014, with about six to ten women currently attending the weekly meetings, Collin said. Women are welcome to come regularly or every so often depending on their needs.

Collin encouraged women looking for help to check out the group, emphasizing that they are “not alone” in their struggles.

“We’re not going to judge you in any way. Just know that you’re enough, and you’re loved, and you’re worthy of love,” Collin said.

Women who are interested in learning more or attending a meeting can contact [email protected].