Anscombe Society holds social


On Monday evening, the Anscombe Society held their first social of the year. The night consisted of a talk from philosophy professor, Dr. Jonathan Sanford, and a small social afterward to allow for academic conversation amongst peers about the topics of the night.

Dr. Sanford’s talk was about G.E.M. Anscombe, better known by her common name Elizabeth Anscombe, and her philosophy. He gave insight into her life, and pivotal points in her life that led to her conversion and philosophy.

“Dr. Sanford knows a lot about Anscombe, and you’d be pretty hard pressed to find someone to talk about her,” co-president of the Society Dave Dashiell said. “Plus he teaches philosophy, which is what Anscombe society is about – getting the philosophy behind it all.”

Dr. Sanford also just wrote a book inspired by the teachings of Anscombe herself entitled Before Virtue. Recently finished, the book is expected to be released in early spring.

“The teachings of the Anscombe Society on love, marriage, and family life are important to cultivating a culture that is often neglected in today’s society,” Dr. Sanford said in his talk.

The Anscombe Society thrives on the teachings of Anscombe through her articles, her philosophy, and most of all holding cordial conversation among peers about her essays and philosophy.

“We just wanted to publicize who we are, and get the word about Anscombe out there,” Dashiell said. “Last year was a busy year for the co-presidents, but we hope this year that we can put more out there about who we are and what we do, as well as the teachings and philosophy.”

The Anscombe Society will be attending a Love and Fidelity Conference that is being held Nov. 7-9th this year at Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey. They will also be hosting Sherif Gergis, co-author of What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense¸ on October 17 at 4 PM in the St. Joseph Seminar Room.

“It was a great night, and I liked the little tidbits Dr. Sanford gave about Anscombe, such as how she taught herself German,” second year student Cathryn Steele said. “It was really interesting hearing all the philosophy behind her, and it actually correlates to what I am currently studying in one of my classes. Overall, it was a really beneficial talk, and great social night after a long day of class.”

The Anscombe Society meets every Thursday night at 9 PM in the Fireside Lounge of the J.C. Williams Center.

“The talk was very helpful and informative,” Dashiell said. “Everyone enjoyed the event. Even if it was a small group, we are still very grateful to those who showed.”