Athlete Spotlight: Madelyn Conrad


The reigning AMCC Women’s Tennis Player of the Year calls Franciscan University her home. Madelyn Conrad, a junior communication arts major from Bethlehem, PA, was the first Lady Baron to win this honor.

Conrad finished the season 9-6 overall in No. 1 singles and 12-5 in No. 1 doubles, winning all of her conference matches. She has high hopes for the current season. “I want to win all my matches,” Conrad said, “not just the ones in conference.”

Conrad accredited much of her tennis success to the fact that she was homeschooled. “No matter how much I wish I went to school sometimes … homeschooling allowed for me to have a lot of opportunities with tennis and other sports to succeed,” she said.

Considering herself an ultra-competitor, Conrad strives for victory on and off the court. She plays intramural sports, ping pong and anything else to which she is challenged. Her competitive nature contributes to her edge on the tennis courts as well as her drive to improve behind the scenes.

Though she now sticks with tennis, Conrad previously spent nine years doing competitive cheer. She picked up tennis in the seventh grade after a handful of cheer related injuries. “I didn’t even like it when I started,” Conrad said, “but I kept at it and learned to love it.”

In addition to loving competition, Conrad also loves the outdoors and has been snowboarding for nearly a decade. Her favorite snowboarding spot is Breckenridge in Colorado, and she loves the whole state in general, especially for hiking.

In reference to her siblings, Conrad said, “Growing up, snowboarding together and always doing competitive things really made us close.” Even more than her love of sports, Conrad stressed the importance of family in her life and how close they are to each other.

This season, Conrad is currently 4-1 in No. 1 singles and 5-0 in No. 1 doubles. She will next take the court at home on Sept. 29 at 3 p.m., taking on Pitt-Bradford.