Authentic beauty as sign of feminine genius in Wonder Woman


The Fireside Lounge on Oct. 11 was decorated in fall colors to set the mood for a crucial discussion on the Feminine Genius, sponsored by Women’s Ministry. Many women gathered to hear about and discuss “The Feminine Genius of Wonder Woman.” The usual opening prayer included the 40 women in the room singing “I am a Child of God.”

Members of Women’s Ministry played specific scenes from the film, which came to theaters in June, and a core team member would reflect on the scene. A discussion followed, in which the member explained what part of the scene she thought correlated with the overall theme, the Feminine Genius. After the core team gave their thoughts on the scene, they opened the floor up for a discussion.

The scene that stood out the most to sophomore Jessie Leatherby was the scene where the main character was drawn to a crying baby. Jessie elaborated on the fact that even during chaos, Wonder Woman’s main concern was to comfort the crying baby. A baby’s cry is authentic in every way because it reflects true beauty.

The lesson of authentic beauty was elegantly stressed in that true beauty creates a longing in ones’ heart, which goes against what society describes as beautiful. The entire room erupted in agreement as everyone discussed how society’s goal today seems to be to tear girls down, rather than build them up.

Leatherby said, “…in this scene, vulnerability is also expressed, which is the exact definition of motherhood.”

This scene was one of three discussed throughout the night. Through investigating the specific character traits of Wonder Woman, such as confidence, self-worth and individual heartbreak, the women in the room were able to see just how similar Wonder Woman’s traits reflected those of the Feminine Genius.

The closing thought of the night was given by senior Laura Tremblay, who said, “Choosing love at its most unlovable point is how a woman can radiate authentic femininity. Women are driven with emotion, and love is not about deserving, it is about desire. Therefore, we should not compare ourselves to Wonder Woman, for we are who God made us to be and we should continue to strive to be that individual with the guide of the Feminine Genius.”

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