Barons’ men basketball loses to Alfred State in overtime


Franciscan University men’s basketball team lost to Alfred State in overtime Jan. 27 after the Barons made an astonishing 3-pointer that tied the game at the end of the second period.

While most of the game was head-to-head, with both Franciscan’s Barons and Alfred State’s Pioneers battling for the lead, the highlight of the game was the 3-pointer shot by Baron sophomore guard Keoni Sablan at the buzzer, which tied the game and sent it into overtime.

Sophomore Keoni Sablan drives in for a layup during Wednesday’s loss to Alfred St.

With seven seconds left in the game, Franciscan called a timeout, enough time to set up a play that helped send the game into overtime. Assisted by junior guard Jacob Divens in the far corner of the court, Sablan was able to drop the ball into the net just as the buzzer sounded.

The players who stood out the most in this game were Divens, with seven assists, including the one that helped Sablan score the 3-pointer; sophomore guard Keoni Sablan, who scored 23 of the 71 points for the Barons; and sophomore forward John Paul Dombrowski, who had 16 rebounds.

John Paul Dombrowski, Sophomore, takes possession for the Barons.

The top three scorers for the Barons were Sablan, Divens and senior guard Christian Duke.

The Barons ended the first half with a one-point lead of 29-28 over the Pioneers.

As the second period began, Alfred State picked up the pace, making several jump shots and trying hard to take the lead. With 7:15 left in the second period, the Pioneers were leading by 13 points.

With eight minutes left in the game, Franciscan students decided to stand and cheer for their Barons for the rest of the game. As Sablan scored the 3-pointer, the whole stand erupted in huge cheers.

In the last five minutes of the game, as the score stood at 57-45, the Barons picked up the pace, making a slow comeback with two free throws by sophomore Thomas Rush and a 3-point jump shot made by Duke.

With seconds left in the game, both the Pioneers and the Barons took timeouts. As they came back into the game, the Barons pushed hard for the ball. As the last seven seconds ticked away on the clock, Sablan’s 3-pointer sent the game into overtime.

Alfred State quickly took the lead, which they never relinquished. Alfred State won, 81-71, over the Barons. Franciscan scored six shots in overtime, three of the shots being free throws, one by Sablan and two by Divens.

The Barons’ next home game will be against Penn. St.-Behrend on Saturday, Feb. 6 at 2 p.m.