Barons play against Barons in unexpected scrimmage

Franciscan alumni against Baron rugby team
Franciscan alumni against Baron rugby team
Photo by James Kuepper
Franciscan alumni play the Baron rugby team in an exciting scrimmage Saturday.

Staff Writer

Parents’ weekend, though mostly a success, came with a small disappointment on Saturday as Franciscan University Rugby was interrupted by an unexpected cancellation.

The Barons finished their regular season home campaign without opposition as their scheduled opponent, Point Park, forfeited due to unknown reasons.

Franciscan was the favored team in the original matchup and the forfeit made it that much easier for them to improve their record to 6-0. The Barons have two more games before tournament play at the end of the season and they look forward to their future competition.

Assistant Coach, Jonathan Rall, commented, “It’s disappointing that the last regular season home game had to be a forfeit, but we’re looking forward to bigger and better things in the future.”

All of the fun wasn’t lost though, as the Barons proceeded to hold a scrimmage between alumni and the 2014 varsity squad. Head Coach Chris Courtnell even got in on some of the action as he played for the alumni.

“It’s disappointing. We had a lot of fans planning on coming out, a lot of family members from out of town,” said Rall. “But it’s good to have this opportunity with so many alumni in town and for them to be able to play a game together and allow them to play in front of their families and friends.”

Due to the nature of the game, score was not kept. The scrimmage ultimately ended with a victory that everyone could feel good about as the Franciscan University Barons rose victoriously against the Franciscan University Barons.