Biden wins election: Franciscan students react

Theresa Balick

Staff Writer

“Before any political party, before any government, before any country, we are all citizens of the city of God,” said sophomore Katie Power in response to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

After several days of uncertainty, several news outlets called the presidential race for Joe Biden. The call came after Biden won Pennsylvania and Nevada, pushing him to 290 electoral votes.

Students’ reactions to the news varied.

“Honestly, I wasn’t surprised because I was ready for either scenario, given that it took so long to determine who won,” said sophomore Maryanne Macdonald.

Sophomore Ana Jacinto said she was shocked when she heard Biden had won.

“I was wondering, ‘Is this a punishment?’ But at the same time, we did our part,” Jacinto said.

Some students remained in disbelief that Biden had won without any fraud or cheating.

“I’m not sure if I believe that Biden even won fairly,” Macdonald said.

Bridget Whoriskey, junior, said, “Duh, there’s fraud.”

Other students voiced their concerns over the Democrat stance on issues such as abortion and women’s rights since the Democratic platform is in support of the pro-choice movement and funding facilities such as Planned Parenthood.

Sophomore Grace Koski said she feels adamant that Biden and Kamala Harris, vice president-elect, will only make things worse for the pro-life movement.

“Biden ‘winning’ the election is not empowering for women and it is not a win for our society,” said Koski.

While the Trump campaign is suing various states for voter fraud in the state courts, students said that they will continue to pray for God’s will to be done, even if that includes Biden becoming president.

“Continually pray and endure any suffering patiently while always fighting for the truth in peace and love,” Power said.

Sophomore Jack Thornton said, “We won’t know for sure for some time the final results, and we should have detachment and sobriety in relation to them, but nonetheless, pray the rosary daily until we know for sure what they are. Regardless of who is elected, we should continue to pray and carry on.”