Bill to recognize club tabled after debate


A bill to recognize the Solidarity Club was tabled on Wednesday after extensive debate pitted senators against each other.

The Solidarity Club, which has been approved by Student Life, was seeking to be recognized by Student Government so it could receive funding from the group. However, Sen. Daniel McNichol said that he had some unresolved issues with the club and that some faculty members also had reservations about the club’s approval.

Sen. McNichol suggested that the bill be tabled so that he and other concerned senators could look more into the club’s purpose. He called it the “Poff Rule,” referencing Sen. Jeremiah Poff.

“Poff likes to wait on things so that he can ask more questions,” McNichol said, referencing Poff’s opposition to last semester’s purchase of an $11,000 climbing wall. Poff had asked that the Senate table the bill so that Student Government could do more research to gauge the student body’s interest in a climbing wall.

Poff responded that comparing approval of the club to the purchase of the climbing wall was ridiculous, saying, “It’s like comparing apples to oranges.”

Poff asked McNichol to give the Senate the names of the faculty members opposed to the Solidarity Club but McNichol refused, saying that he wanted to get their permission before revealing their identities.

Both senators had to be reminded to keep their comments directed to the Senate chair until Sen. Francis Heroux intervened. Heroux said that there was no immediate need to recognize the club, so he suggested that the bill be tabled so that the club can be asked more questions.

The bill was tabled by a 7-3 vote.

Also during the meeting:

Student Government allocated $300 to the Hildebrand Project to help sponsor a talk by R.R. Reno.

The Board Game Association received $25.96 to buy pizza for their first meeting.

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