Brothers, Guardians share Olympic victory after heated rematch

Photo by Brigid Mack 

Cecilia Engbert
Assistant Editor

Brothers of the Eternal Song and Guardians of the Divine Will households were declared cowinners of the men’s household final competition at the household Olympics Saturday Sept. 4 after protests led to an indeterminate rematch.

Brothers, Guardians, AMDG and Disciples of the Word households competed as finalists in a round of wheelbarrow races. Brothers and Guardians competed neck and neck, crossing the finish line close together.

Household Life first announced Brothers the winner and handed them the trophy, but after protests from several Guardians and many crowd participants, Household Life announced a rematch between the two. Guardians won the rematch and took the trophy.

After some discussion between the households involved and Household Life, Brothers and Guardians were declared cowinners and Brothers kept the trophy.

Prior to the men’s competition, Regina Angelorum household won the women’s final match, competing in a wheelbarrow race against the other finalists: Crown of Creation, Handmaids of the Lord and Stella Mariae households.