Budget Cuts Explained

Budgetary Cuts lead to Troubadour Changes

Due to an ongoing budgetary reshuffle that the University has been undergoing in recent months, The Troubadour has found the need to make the following changes, which will become evident in the coming months:

Volume LXXXII, Issue 2 will be The Troubadour’s final regular print edition

As of Volume LXXXII, Issue 3, The Troubadour will begin posting news boards at major locations around campus. These boards will be located in Egan Hall, Sts. Cosmos and Damian Hall, The St. John Paul II Library, the J.C. Williams Center, Finnegan Fieldhouse and Antonian Hall. These news posters will be replaced every two weeks and will feature articles and QR code links to our website, www.troubonline.com

In addition to these posters, The Troubadour’s normal distribution racks will be stocked every week with TROUB! pamphlets featuring the top stories of the week.

We do not find these changes preferable, and the decisions leading to them have not been taken lightly. Please bear with us as we experience these growing pains. We continue to be committed to serving campus by providing news, as has and will continue to be our mission.