Chesterton Society holds bonfire outside in courtyard

Photo by Rachael Patin

Sebastian Gonzalez
Staff Writer

The Chesterton Society held a bonfire event Sunday evening in the Finnegan Fieldhouse courtyard and surrounding grassy area.

Starting at 8 p.m., students came to enjoy the heat of several firepits situated on the grass.

Junior Tanya McInnis and junior Bethany Doudna oversaw the event, helping set up all the festivities that occurred.

“I’m glad it’s finally cold enough to be fall,” said McInnis. “It’s perfect weather for this.”

S’mores supplies were provided for students, who used the bonfires to roast their marshmallows. Hot and cold apple cider were provided for students as well.

The area had music speakers softly playing slow songs, including Irish folk pieces.

Junior Michaela Costanzo said, “It’s beautiful, a little bit of culture coming to life, and it makes my soul sing.”

Junior Monica Costanzo said, “It is a perfect way to spend a fall evening under the stars — fun music and good food.”


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