Chill on the Hill: Relaxation before final exams


Students coming out of classes on Wednesday, April 20, were met with Exc!te’s annual Chill on the Hill event.

The event, which took place between the J.C. Williams Center and the Finnegan Fieldhouse, included free burritos from Taco Bell, popcorn, shaved ice and activities, such as corn hole, Frisbee and caricature drawing.

Students enjoying the Chill on the Hill event in the beautiful weather. (Photo by Liz Bunnell)

Students were led to the hill by the music and joyful atmosphere, which flowed over onto the rest of campus. It was a perfect day for an outdoor party, the weather having been warm for almost a week previous.

The event started at 12 p.m. and concluded at 4 p.m. At 1:45 p.m., the club team FATAL Frisbee, which is headed to the national championship, threw out 50 free Frisbees with the team logo onto the hill. The team also threw out free T-shirts that were leftover from the T-shirt toss April18.

Junior volunteer Hannah Lash enjoyed serving food to the students.

She said that “people are more prone to come out when they see others.”

Lash also said, “It gets students out and interacting with each other. … (It) encourages a sense of community.”

Gina Andronico, freshman, said it was “really cool to just walk up to it. … It exudes summer.”

Freshman Maria Perez said, “I really like how everyone just seems happy.”

Lindsey Finch, sophomore, said that “it provides an opportunity for students to enjoy the sunshine and community. The outdoor games and upbeat music and variety of food and snacks (are) great de-stresser(s) from school.”

Freshman Maria Ciola agreed.

“I think everyone is forgetting about stress and finals,” said Ciola.

Aaron Basinger, junior, said, “It’s nice seeing everyone outside. … It was really nice of the Frisbee team to do it (for us).”

Freshman Joseph Schuster said, “I’m really appreciative that they would do this for us.”


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