Chorale brings emotional show tunes to the stage


On April 24th at 7 p.m., the Franciscan University Chorale filled the Gentile Gallery with popular melodies and show tunes. The theme of the concert was Broadway, and the mutual agreement was that the favorite song of the evening was the choirs rendition of Phantom of the Opera.

There were two narrators who described each song before the performance. One of the narrators was senior Tomas Mosier, who said, I was excited to look out into the audience and see my friends who were there supporting me. It put me at ease.

The excitement within the members of the chorus was apparent and the hours of practice that went into the evening was recognizable without a doubt. Over 50 people showed up, including parents and grandparents, to cheer on the chorus.

Each student in the choir brought his or her individual talents to the evening. Together, the voices brought an array of emotions to the audience. When the chorus began the rendition of For Good,from the Award-Winning Musical, Wicked, the mood of the room shifted to a more somber atmosphere.

The narrators built up to song Phantom of the Opera, and many faces in the room perked up at the mention of the familiar musical. The chorus did an incredible job, with one student hitting the highest note with perfect accuracy.

Junior Cassidy Roderick said, That was beautiful, and I really enjoyed myself.

Freshman Catherine Travis said, Even with the array of things that need to get done, it was nice to step away and enjoy a concert put on by my peers.