Club concludes amateur music series with s’mores-filled final night

Grace Murphy
Staff Writer

Despite cold fall weather, a live music social event attracted a sizable crowd to the Finnegan Fieldhouse courtyard Tuesday, Nov. 9, at 7 p.m.

The social was hosted by the Veritas Society and junior Maria Sammons, president, said the Tuesday night music social was the concluding event for the Veritas Society’s semester-long amateur music series.

Sammons said, “It’s our end-of-year social so we are having bonfires (and) food; and then it is also our last amateur music night which we have had throughout the semester so anyone can sign up for a prime slot, sort of like a coffeehouse.”

Members of the Veritas Society set up several fire pits for the event. The Veritas Society also provided apple cider, s’mores and Reese’s peanut butter cups.

In one corner of the courtyard Veritas associates set up a mini stage. They put out microphones, a keyboard, speakers and a chair for the performers.

Musicians played a mixture of cover songs and original songs. People chatted around fire pits while listening to music and roasting marshmallows.

Sammons encourages people to join the Veritas Society.

Sammons said, “People should join Veritas. We have debates and more talks and intellectual stuff throughout the semester. Then we also have more social events like this where it’s people hanging out, getting to know each other.”



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