Clubs holds game night of murder, mayhem

Shanice Kirabo
Staff Writer

Students played two board games at the Murder Mystery Club event in the Fireside Lounge Monday.

The two games were “Cluedo,” which is the German version of Clue, and “The Resistance: Avalon,” which is the medieval rendition of Among Us.

Similar to a roleplay card game, Avalon is different in that it includes secretive forces of “Mordred,” imposters of old. True to its name, a game of hidden loyalty, players either quest in the name of King Arthur or deceive everyone into thinking they do.

Cluedo is a game that includes several locations within a household that one must throw dice to enter. Each player acquires a couple cards and awaits their turns to accuse each other’s characters of murder scenarios, which they creatively concoct.

Possibilities in the game are eliminated every time a player shows their hand to another player. The game continues until someone reaches a sensible hypothesis about the murder scenario written on the “master card” at the center of the game board.

The evening concluded with a game of Mafia. Played over a round of peanut butter cookies and brownies, the roles decided for the game were a doctor, a sheriff, a baker, two mafias and a disruptive annoying child — one whose efforts ended up rescuing a lot of innocents from the mafia’s schemes.

The role of narrator was so popular that four people competed for the rights in knockout rounds of rock paper scissors.

In the end, the students lost to the mafia.

Their next Friday meeting will be Oct. 8 at 7 p.m. in the International Lounge. Follow them on Instagram @fusmurdermystery for updates and more information.

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