Community joins for praise and fellowship

By Emma Davis
Staff Writer

Maria Salamida, coordinator of liturgical music at Franciscan University, along with sisters Anna and Mary Brewer, hosted a praise and fellowship for faculty, staff, students and local residents and their families on Sept. 24.

In the Glory Tent at the J.C. Williams Center, community members gathered to pray, sing and worship God together.

The event began with those in attendance socializing and catching up with one another as well as introducing themselves to newcomers.

Salamida, Anna Brewer and Mary Brewer led the praise and fellowship by singing as others in attendance were encouraged to join in. During this time, others also prayed or read the scripture.

Some members came up to the microphone and shared their thoughts with the group.

“If we were to ask the Lord for a gift here, it would be the gift of worship … the goal would be closeness with God,” said Brian Kissinger, Franciscan University alumni and faculty member.

After the praise and fellowship ended, Anna Brewer said, “It is really just an opportunity for the community to come together and pray.”

Kissinger said, “We couldn’t think of a better way to begin the week, putting God first. Setting aside time to praise God and come together as a community.”

The next praise and fellowship will be on Oct. 22.