Conservative Column: ‘Vote your conscience, the conscience of the church’



This 2016 election has been one of the most stressful ones that we’ve witnessed. Frankly, none of our candidates are good candidates. All of them have critical flaws. And all of us are running circles trying to justify why we should, can, could, might vote for this one or that.

​Succumbing to anxiety over this election places too much trust in human authorities. No matter who is elected, no matter what happens during his or her term, our personal dignity and soul’s security is safeguarded by the Eternal God. We have no reason to worry. Mourn? Yes. But worry? No.

That being said, do not, under any circumstances, throw away your vote.

​We aren’t in control of this election and the temptation to pull out of society all together is high but doing so guarantees that a greater evil wins. Our responsibility is to vote for the least evil.

As corrosive, divisive and unjustly vicious as Donald Trump’s behavior has been, Hillary Clinton is, in my opinion, worse. She and her husband have had a lengthy career in the business of power. Both of their present capacities to wield authority well has been tried, and our country, on matters of life and liberty, even the economy, has not benefited.

Bernie Sanders is overwhelmingly pro-choice, does not mind partial birth abortion, and supports funding for family planning services. Let me remind everyone that Planned Parenthood’s roots are connected to Nazi eugenicists, who believed certain classes and races of human beings were less human and did not deserve to live, ever.

Margaret Sanger’s motto was literally, “Birth Control: to create a race of thoroughbreds.” Seriously. Look it up.

I know I have been personally incredibly confused about for whom I can vote, as a Catholic, who would be the least evil for our country. But the best option still seems to be to stay true to what we know is most critical to our times: life.

Vote for candidates who protect the value of human life. Do not be seduced into fancy speeches, don’t vote out of fear, and don’t let fanatics of any kind pressure you because of your fear. Vote within reason, but first things first: vote your conscience, the conscience of the church.