Conservative Column: Voting with a conscience, voting pro-life


conservative-croppedAs the elections are rapidly approaching, we Catholics are faced with a big crisis: choosing between two very unsatisfactory candidates.

Honestly, we have no one to blame but ourselves in this situation. We, as Catholics, did not do our part in raising the standards, and choosing a better candidate for president.

However, that does not mean we sit by idly and don’t vote. Now, more than ever, our voices need to be heard.

I recently read an article talking about the amount of wasted votes that are cast in the election, due to the Electoral College’s system of counting the votes. The numbers are so high that reading it made my heart sink. It sounds as if it doesn’t matter whether I vote.

But there is no excuse. As Catholics, we have a moral obligation to vote. We cannot sit by and let our country fall into a deeper hole.

But you have to ask yourself, how do I vote with a clear conscience?

There is no easy way out of this. But, the most important thing we must look at is, which is the candidate who will support the pro-life activists?

We have to remember that the right to life is the most important fight there is in our nation. Without life, there is nothing. We want a leader of the country that will stand up against the abortion issue.

I don’t know the if the answer is Trump, but I’m almost certain it’s not Hillary. We cannot support or vote for a leader who does not hold up the most basic moral principle: the right to life.

There’s no denying that both candidates are terrible choices. With the recent video of Trump’s brazened behavior, and the situation with Hillary’s emails, we’ve come to see both candidates aren’t exactly on the straight and narrow path.

So that puts us in a dilemma. Voting with a clear conscience this election year is very  nearly impossible, and voting for the “lesser than two evils” is nigh on impossible.  But while Trump is bad, Hillary is worse.

Hillary Clinton has abused her political powers to do evil. She is in favor of gay marriage and abortion. She does not respect human life. For Catholics, that should be a big red light. If a candidate does not support the right to human life, do you possibly think she can support the morals of the Catholic Church?

We can say all we want about Trump, and his degradation of women and the like. But as Hillary doesn’t respect life, she is degrading everyone: men, women and children. We cannot support someone who does not support our beliefs as a Church.

As Catholics, our first obligation is to our faith. We cannot jeopardize our Church, and we cannot support those who support intrinsic evil. Abortion is evil, euthanasia is evil. The killing of innocent human beings is evil. And Hillary Clinton supports that.

Some try to justify the voting of Hillary Clinton for president because she is a true politician. That may be true, but maybe that’s what’s wrong. She’s a politician who has been crooked and evil, and she will only bring more bad news for the Catholic Church.

The last, important step for Catholics is to pray. We cannot do this on our own. It’s too late to vote in another person. As much as we talk about good alternatives to this election, the other candidates are too unknown to win the election as this point. So we vote with our consciences, we vote as pro-lifers, and we pray for God’s help in this presidential election.