Cookie Call delights students and milks profits


Photo by: Elizabeth Wagner

On Friday, Feb. 15, the Carae Domini and Corpus Christi households hosted their semesterly Cookie Call despite accidental competition from Exc!te’s Pajama Rama, which was held on the same night.

The day after Valentine’s Day, the households felt the love from students during their Cookie Call. Every semester, the two households team up to sell cookies (provided mainly from Carae Domini) and milk (provided mainly from Corpus Christi).

The kitchen in St. Thomas More Hall was filled with Carae Domini and Corpus Christi members on Thursday, Feb. 14, for cookie preparation and Friday, Feb. 15, for the event itself. The members prepared the paper bags for the cookies and milk, made the cookie dough and baked the cookies on the day of the event.

While the event usually lasts two nights, this semester only saw one night of Cookie Call, lasting from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. Just by texting a number advertised around campus, students — on and off-campus — could receive cookies, gluten-free cookies, edible cookie dough and milk.

Many of those who bought cookies and milk also enjoyed seeing them delivered by a “real” cow, a member of Corpus Christi dressed in a cow suit. Those who ordered at least 10 milk cartons were guaranteed to see the cow with the delivery, while 20 milk cartons guaranteed that the cow would sing.

Many students were surprised and excited to see the “Corpus Cow” upon delivery. Four Corpus Christi members wore a cow suit for deliveries: Jacob Condi, sophomore Corpus Christi intent; Matthew Krause, senior; Jacob Sanchez-Balizan, senior; and Jacob Watson, senior.

Carae Domini and Corpus Christi enjoyed the event, along with their fellow students on the receiving end.

Sophomore Clare Ruane, this year’s director of Cookie Call, said, “This was my first time fully in charge of Cookie Call, and it wouldn’t have been as successful or fun as it was without all the members and intents from both households, and of course the people that keep Cookie Call going!”

Anthony Butler, a sophomore member of Corpus Christi, agreed, saying that “it was good for Corpus Christi to assist Carae Domini in one of the most well-known household fundraisers.”