Cozy coffeehouse takes place despite gloomy weather

Grace Murphy
Social Media Manager

A Student Government campaign coffeehouse occurred Friday in the tent outside the J.C. Williams Center from 7-10 p.m. despite the cold, wet weather.

The coffeehouse was called the “Annunciation Celebration” in honor of the feast day and was sponsored by the Brennan-Van Horn campaign.

The coffeehouse featured different music performances by students along with hot coffee, cookies and doughnuts provided by the campaign.

The tent was decorated with white string lights and greenery centerpieces at each picnic table. Also, each table had a campaign ad and business cards with Brennan-Van Horn campaign goals.

Sophomore Murphy Givens opened up the music performances for the night. He played a variety of folk and indie music, including cover songs and his own original songs.

After a few student performances, the candidates introduced their campaign team members and what position each was running for.

Junior Amelia Brennan, who is running for Franciscan University Student Government 2022-23 president along with her vice-presidential candidate junior Noelle Van Horn, said, “We are so excited to meet a lot of you tonight and to just hang out and have coffee because we are big coffee lovers.”

Brennan said that her campaign had created a new position for student outreach.

“Something really important with our team is that we have created a special position just for student outreach,” she said. “Because we know one of the problems that a lot of people have with student government is that you don’t know what we’re doing or you don’t know the progress we’re making.”

Near the end of the night, Brennan and Van Horn took the stage along with several friends and fellow campaign team members to sing Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.”

Sophomore Esi Kumi-Sakyi said, “I thought the coffeehouse was amazing, and I am glad I came to it.”

Student elections for 2022-2023 Student Government positions will be April 5 in the J.C.