Crazy Dance draws kooky crowd

Crazy Dance 2019


Crazy Dance 2019
Photo by: Rachael Alexander

People packed the J.C. Williams Center Friday, Sept. 6, for an energetic night of wild costumes and silly students at the Disciples Crazy Dance. 

Friday night’s energy level was through the roof as students showed their crazy sides by dressing up in anything and everything. Some sported wild pigtails, and others went full-fledged crazy with Christmas tree or unicorn costumes. Still others let their crazy shine by dressing up as lamps. 

Any stress from the week before was a thing of the past as students mingled on the dance floor with the likes of Superman, Spiderman and the Easter bunny. As the night went on, the room become even more lively. Music pulsed through the air while students had a danceoff which featured a Scotsman giving the Easter bunny a piggyback ride around the dance floor. 

“The crazy dance was so much fun!” said junior Maria Lencki. “I loved seeing everyone all dressed up and dancing with so much energy. It was a blast and a great dance to start off the year.” 

Balloons across the floor and in the air and streamers flying in all directions greeted latecomers as they joined the amalgamation of craziness, and with everyone dressed outlandishly, a sense of community permeated the event. 

“I liked the unity of all dressing up like crazy people,” said freshman Mary Catherine Prostejovsky. “There is no shame here. … It brings out the inner eight-year-old in all of us.” 

The Disciples Crazy Dance was hosted by the Disciples of the Word Household.