Dance encourages students to go all out in wacky costumes

Photo by Luna Oppus

Bethany Doudna
Staff Writer

Around 300 students in costume attended the annual Disciples of the Word Crazy Dance, hosted by the Disciples of the Word men’s household, Saturday from 9 p.m. to midnight in the Finnegan Fieldhouse courtyard.

The dance was moved from the atrium of the J.C. Williams Center to the courtyard outside Finnegan Fieldhouse due to COVID-19 concerns, said Peter Gasparini, the Disciples of the Word household coordinator. The dance was canceled altogether last year during the height of COVID-19. The household was excited to return to the annual tradition, Gasparini said.

“People will bring their friends, it’s the first big dance of the semester,” said Gasparini, before putting on his own costume, an enormous silver spoon. “We just go crazy and have fun.”

The Crazy Dance came just hours after the conclusion of the Household Olympics in the morning, in which the households had competed in games against one other.

“People are going to be exhausted from the Household Olympics, but we’ll still get a lot of people,” said John Lunger, a junior and member of Disciples of the Word, before the dance.

Shortly after 9 p.m., people were lining up around the sidewalk to the doors of the J.C. Williams Center to pay the admission fee for the dance.

The dress code listed on the dance flyers was “Anything that doesn’t work,” and the attendees delivered. Attire varied from kaleidoscopic plaids and flashing neon bowties to a suit printed with stormtroopers and a variety of wigs and hats. Some came in full costume, such as Christmas trees, Superman or a cup of coffee.

The courtyard was sectioned off with colorful streamers and caution tape. The household banner for the Disciples of the Word was hung from the front of Finnegan Fieldhouse, right behind a stage for the DJ.

“We’re doing energetic music, really the jump up and down sort,” said Gasparini. “Crazy dance music.”

Freshman R.J. Janeston said the “most Franny moment of the night” was senior Patrick Frazier breakdancing in a kilt to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”

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