Daring dreams to become reality: The Dream Team


Photo by: Isaac Iniguez

“What the world desperately needs, most of all, is men and women living out their vocations and turning their dreams into reality,” said junior Kendal Huntsman, founder of a new group called the Dream Team.  

The Dream Team is a group that looks to inspire students to learn who they are and discover what their vocation and careers could be.  

“Here at Franciscan, I believe the students, myself included, don’t take advantage of all the incredible resources we have, like career services,” said Huntsman. “A part of the Dream Team’s mission is to change that … to guide them in the direction of their dreams.” 

Instead of waking up out of a dream, Huntsman woke up into one. This past summer, she woke up one morning and, inspired by the Holy Spirit, drew in her journal a picture of the world with the words “What does the world truly need?” 

“As I sat in silence pondering this question, I prepared myself to receive a long, detailed answer, but after a few minutes of silence, this sassy but kind voice said, ‘Duh: you!’” said Huntsman. 

A few days after this revelation, Huntsman went off to a leadership program called Thinking Into Results. Inspired from the program, Huntsman started to find a way to share what she had learned from it which led her to create the Dream Team. 

“We wish to aid students in their growth of business knowledge and awareness of their passions and talents through three phases: inspire, equip and execute,” said Huntsman. The Dream Team has already done several events this past semester. One was called “Dare to Dream” in which Doug Perry, head of the business department, gave a talk on the importance of dreaming while maintaining flexibility in those dreams when God provides a new direction. 

The Dream Team has also put on a workshop called “Dreaming Bigger.” This workshop was specifically designed to help students realize their dreams based on a reflection of what Huntsman believes to be four of life’s greatest questions: Who am I? What am I here for? What matters most? What matters least? After reflecting, the students pick five things, find pictures based on those things and put them on a “dream board” to help visualize their dreams. 

Huntsman is so grateful for the members on her team and achievements that have occurred over the semester. She said she was impressed with the maturity of her team members, two of whom are freshman. “We grew as a team,” said Huntsman. 

“I love watching people come alive,” said Huntsman. Leading the workshop has been a great pleasure for her, especially seeing the participants grow in knowledge of themselves and what they desire. “(It’s) like watching a little kid do something for the first time, she said. She told of how a Focus missionary had come to one of their workshops and was excited about applying what he had learned to the ministry. 

She desires all groups and organizations to be able to grow their dreams into realities. “I want my team to be available to any group or household,” said Huntsman.  

“My hope is to create a legacy of dreaming that will continue after we graduate from Franciscan University. I love to inspire others and help them discover what they are called to do in this life,” said Huntsman. “The Dream Team will be that source of inspiration, that spark that will ignite the fire within the hearts of those on this campus.”  

The Dream Team, which was once under Christian Students for Free Enterprise (CSFE), is now its own group led by Huntsman. “I hope to take the success we’ve had under CSFE and turn it into a club that will have more opportunities,” said Huntsman. They plan on continuing with more workshops next semester to reach out to more students to help them discover their dreams.