Daughters of Zion first coffeehouse a success

Daughters of Zion coffeehouse
Daughters of Zion coffeehouse
Photo by Melissa Longua
Therese Nelson, a local friend of DOZ members, played guitar for the crowd gathered at the coffeehouse last Sunday evening.


The Daughters of Zion household’s first coffeehouse drew a sizable crowd on Sunday in the J.C. Williams Center’s Atrium.

“We wanted to have a coffeehouse as our fundraiser, as opposed to anything else like a dance, because it just speaks so much to our household style,” said Samantha Hennerty, a Daughters of Zion member and the main organizer of the coffeehouse. “We love music and beauty, and this is an opportunity to evangelize through that, in both Christian and secular music.”

The hardest part of planning the event, she said, was limiting the number of performers they were having. Hennerty said that they had so many people sign up to perform that they had to put people onto a list for their next event.

There was a table filled with various deserts and drinks, including pumpkin bread, chocolate chip cookies, granola and hot chocolate.

Kristen Mundell, a sophomore member, said that the sisters got together and baked everything that was served.

“It’s been so fun. I’m so happy to see so many people,” said Kaitlyn Bolesta, the Daughters of Zion coordinator.

There were many performances throughout the night. Both Nick Scanlan and Taylor Tripodi performed original songs. James Wu performed Adele’s “Someone Like You” and the Troubadour’s own Lauren Ramseyer performed a song from The Band Perry’s newest album.

“I really loved this coffeehouse,” said sophomore attendee Kelly Limmina. “Everyone has so much talent.”

The coffeehouse ended with all the Daughters of Zion performing their household song. This is the first time they have sung their song outside of a commitment.

According to Bolesta, the coffeehouse was such a success that she said they have already planned another for the spring semester.