Dear Romeo and Juliet: Anti-establishment and radical feminists

Romeo and Juliet
Romance Advisors

Dear Romeo and Juliet,

The dating culture here is tragic. I am embarrassed to admit that I did transfer partially for an MRS degree, but this is not what I thought I was signing up for. All of the boys (I refuse to call them men) are either too traditional or too charismatic. I will say that the household system is nice because it kind of just organizes all of the guys and their personalities for me, but where are all the normal men? I need a guy, like, in between Guardians and Brothers, but definitely not from Martyres Regis. Can you please shed some light on the Franny dating culture and any advice about finding what seems to be a rare type of guy on this campus?

Transfer Junior Annie Lakely



There is no one in the entire world who can explain the Franny dating culture. There have been innumerous debates and countless Gauntlet articles written about the corruption involved in dating a fellow Franciscan student. We all want a guy right in between the two extremes (myself excluded), but there only seems to be about five of them on the entire campus. Maybe try someone from In His Image or Defenders of Purity? They don’t seem to have very strong opinions about anything. Or, sometimes, you have to look OUTSIDE the household. I know that sounds crazy, but sometimes being anti-establishment is a good thing. Maybe take a lap around the Heights sometime to go boy hunting.

Good luck finding a husband,


Dear Romeo and Juliet,

The independent women on this campus are just too much. They’re underground, but they’re there. The worst is when you ask one of them on a date without realizing that they are super independent and then, as the date goes on, you come to realize the situation you’ve put yourself in. I should have seen it from the start: nursing major, plays soccer, member of Regina Angelorum. How is one supposed to date an independent woman? If I somehow end up marrying one, am I going to have to make dinner?

An Insecure Trad Male


Dearest friend who doesn’t trust me enough to give me your name,

If you dislike independent women, Angels is probably the worst household to get involved in. Now for an answer to your question: you don’t date independent women; independent women date YOU. Maybe try it out for a bit; let her wear the pants. Maybe you’ll like it. If you do keep it going, yes, you will have to make dinner. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about the dinner; I would be more stressed about making desserts. She’s going to have some cravings for delicious treats, and those will be more important to her than the actual dinner. Attached are some starter recipes for both dinner and desserts; I hope they find you well.
Stuffed Chicken Valentino from Allrecipes
Baked Alaska from Food Network
These two simple recipes should get you pretty far in a relationship. Good luck with the future, and tell the Angels to win the Olympics for the tenth time next year.

A Woman Who is Very Secure in Herself and Her Relationship
AKA Juliet