Debate continues at Student Government meeting


A bill vetoed by the president was debated during Franciscan University Student Government’s weekly formal meeting on Wednesday.

The contingency fund was announced at $12,234.76 and there were two bills on the table for discussion.

Fall Bill 17, the re-allocation of $650 for the Fr. Frank Pavone talk that was held that week on campus, passed unanimously.

Fall Bill 18 read as the allocation of $250 to reimburse the Ultimate Frisbee Club for a tournament they attended. It passed unanimously.

A motion was made to bring another bill to the table. During the Monday night informal meeting, president Kirby vetoed the previous week’s bill about allocating funds to the Grad Counseling Association for a conference they plan to attend.

Whether or not to overturn the presidential veto was debated amongst the Senate for the remainder of the meeting. When the time to vote finally came, it was 6-5. Being that the veto requires a 2/3 majority to overturn, it stands and the bill has been shut down.

There is conversation that the bill will be revised and return to the table next week.

Senate adviser David Schmiesing used his time for comments to give his annual speech reminding the Senate of their jobs and priorities within those jobs. The three main purposes of Student Government in order, he said, go as following: To represent the student body to the administration and staff; to communicate concerns and ideas of the student body to the administration; and to govern, promote and finance student clubs.