Director of missionary outreach advises students on fundraising with passion


Wednesday, Sept. 14, students working with the Missions of Peace attended “The Art of the Ask” and received tips and advice for fundraising.  

Rhett Young, director of Missionary Outreach, spoke at the event and shared advice and encouragement with students who will need to fundraise for mission trips. He started off by saying that the students needed to share their story, tell their donors why they were going on mission and share their passion. 

“If they don’t hear passion, they’re not giving to you,” said Young.  

Young said that asking for fundraising is an invitation for friends and family to either donate or give prayers and for the mission worker to build a support team.  

“Don’t be fearful, and stamp out fear,” said Young, “Ask big! Don’t just dip your foot in to test the water; do a cannonball!” 

Another important piece of advice Young brought up was framing the picture for the donor. He advised students to tell donors what the overall fundraising goal is and then ask them for a good part of that amount. 

Young told the students the biggest vice that stands in the way of fundraising is always pride. He urged the students to not worry about what the people might think of them and gave them a short outline of how a phone call with a potential donor might go.  

Another topic Young brought up was to not limit fundraising to fellow Catholics. Many different people will donate if asked. He said to always give a big “thank you to donors and to conclude with a prayer request.  

“All you did was ask,” said Young. “God was the one who worked.” 

Missions of Peace introduced a new method of fundraising it started this year, showing students how to have their donors directly deposit money into their mission online, providing a much easier fundraising process.  

“It was really inspiring,” said junior Gianna Davison. “I am not worried about raising money anymore. I liked what Mr. Young said: Jesus is going to do all the hard stuff, and all we’ve got to do is ask.” 

The event ended with Young advising students to pray a novena to Our Lady of Good Success and reminding them, “Mission isn’t free.” Students walked out of the event with empty pockets but the determination to fill them.