Disciples party night away at annual Crazy Dance

By Peter Lim
Staff Writer

The first academic week of the fall semester was concluded by Disciples of the Word’s Crazy Dance in the J.C. Williams Center on Sept. 2 from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Decorations filled the building’s atrium, from red and blue streamers draped across the pillars and rails to a strip of LED lights glowing above the Disciples’ household banner.

Caution tape wrapped the staircase rails and strobe lights were placed by Disciples’ alumnus Connall Hughes’ red DJ booth.

Before 10 p.m., over 300 people crowded the JC Williams Center to dance to upbeat pop music. The mosh pit drew in crowds watching from the upper level, and some participants were cooled down with water bottles being poured down from above.

Students were encouraged to wear their craziest, most outrageous outfits for the event. Students’ outfits included a cow suit, a Viking costume, and a toga.

Prayer was led by the Disciples before the dance began. At the end of the night, the Disciples led another prayer to conclude the event.

Junior Peter Sammons said, “Disciples’ Crazy Dance was great because they let me in and were playing great music with a lot of dancing … which I quite personally enjoy!”

Freshman Clare Miller added, “I was about to not come, but I was positively peer-pressured into wearing my cow suit and this dance was a lot more fun than I thought it would be!”

Freshman Gemma Pollock said, “This party is super hype and fun. It is very sweaty and hot, but I love it!”

“We are just jumping and dancing, bumping into new people,” she added. “It’s great.”

Juniors Liam Brown and Harrison Smith, household co-coordinators of Disciples, said the household went all-out on advertising for the dance this year and that they are grateful for the contributions of their household brothers to the dance’s success.