Documentary claims the rosary has transformed the world


On March 20, the Knights of the Holy Queen household held a movie night in the Gentile Gallery that featured a movie about the importance of the rosary. The movie was set up in the fashion of a priest giving a homily, with the Rev. Don Calloway, MIC, being the speaker.

Calloway began his lecture by stating that the rosary is a fragile, yet powerful weapon that should not be reckoned with. He called the rosarya Bible set on beads” which has transformed the world. He then recalled two anecdotes which emphasized the power of the rosary.

The first happened in 2014, when Nigeria was being attacked by Iran, said Calloway. Due to a great vision that the Bishop of Nigeria received to rededicate his country to the rosary, he fled Nigeria, never to return.

A second example that Calloway brought up occurred a little over 100 years ago and consisted of a satanic priest having the strength to return to the faith due to the power of the rosary.

Calloway then took the congregation on a journey of the development of the rosary. He spoke about each century and how the rosary was affected throughout that century. He also emphasized that Satan and the rosary were constantly in battle, and every time Satan won, the power of the rosary won in a stronger fashion.

Freshman Lane Tschirhart, an intent to Knights of the Holy Queen, said, This talk really showed me the promise of Our Lady and the power of the rosary in a whole new way. After seeing the miracles that the world experienced through the rosary, I could not help but ponder what miracles could happen on campus and in our own hearts through such devotion.

Freshman Theresa Geiger said, The movie was very good, though it was a little long, and it gave insight on the key role of Mary in our faith and history. It showed the importance of praying the rosary and gave a greater appreciation and love of the rosary. It showed how Mary protected those who prayed it and how the rosary was a powerful weapon.