Documentary screening highlights life of French pro-life doctor


Students watched a documentary in the Gentile Gallery Tuesday, Oct. 13, about a 20th century pediatrician and geneticist who made breakthrough discoveries in the study of chromosome abnormality.

The documentary was titled “Venerable Jerome Lejeune, To the Least of These my Brothers and Sisters.” It was produced through a partnership between 4PM Media and Aloest Productions.

The film is about the life of Lejeune, a French doctor and geneticist who discovered the extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome.

The documentary also showed how Lejeune assisted Down syndrome patients and how he campaigned against abortion, especially abortion due to prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis.

Sophomore Niklas Koehler, president of Students for Life, and senior Morgan LeVea, president of Breaking Barriers, gave a brief introduction before the movie began.

Koehler said that the documentary was “for those who are committed to upholding the dignity of every human being.”

Rev. Jonathan St. Andre, TOR, spoke to attendees after the documentary’s conclusion.

St. Andre said, “This is such a beautiful pro-life message. It’s not a flashy presentation, but it’s a story that’s very powerful.”

St. Andre said that the movie was impactful for him since one of his sisters has Down syndrome.

“What struck me in it was Dr. Lejeune’s willingness to stand in the truth even when he was persecuted; that’s a real witness, and to stand in the truth of the value of the least of these,” said St. Andre.

St. Andre said the pro-life call affects everyone in some way.

St. Andre said, “The call to be pro-life crosses across humanity, crosses generations from the youngest to the oldest. That pro-life message is a call to each of us.”

Freshman Teresita McCormick said, “What stood out to me was how joyful (Lejeune) was even when he was being persecuted. Like in every single clip of him, his eyes were bright.”

The screening was co-hosted by Students for Life of America and Breaking Barriers.