Dominican vocations director expounds upon power of intercessory prayer


On Oct. 13 in the Fireside Lounge, the vocations director of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecelia, Sister Peter Marie Chrismer, OP, explained the deep importance of and offered practical advice for intercessory prayer.

Chrismer appropriately opened her talk with a prayer asking for the intercession of Christ, the angels and patron saints, especially the Blessed Virgin. She then pointed out several Scriptural examples of Christ praying for us, saying, “This is kind of amazing because Jesus is God, so you’re, like, wouldn’t he just kind of do the thing? … (But) Jesus lives to make intercession for us.”

Drawing her examples from the Last Supper discourses, Chrismer said, “What’s interesting is … this is the night before Jesus is going to enter into his Passion, the night before he dies … so the things he did, what he said was really important in his eyes.”

Chrismer also underscored the importance of such prayer in the lives of the faithful and in fostering a culture of life. “Jesus really has a one-track mind … focused on our salvation,” she said. “So, as we’re trying to build up a culture of life, let that be at the center of all things, that that’s your goal in building up the culture of life, not to win an argument or be very clever, but the other person’s salvation.”

She also observed that, by interceding for others, the faithful are united to the mission of Christ, are freed from themselves and can begin to see those for whom they pray in a new light.

Continuing, Chrismer expounded upon the many ways the faithful can participate in the mission of salvation. She emphasized the unique power and importance of offering the Mass for special intentions: “If you don’t remember anything from this talk and you remember this one thing, it’ll be, like, ‘Golden, check’ … The most powerful way is to offer your Mass for someone and their intention.”

She also recommended that the faithful frequently call upon the intercession of the saints, “turn all (their) worries and anxieties into a prayer” and offer daily sacrifices, both large and small.

Chrismer focused the final portion of her discourse on Our Lady as the Mediatrix of all graces, noting her special place in the heart of Jesus. “She will intercede on your behalf, and you know Jesus listens to his mother,” said Chrismer.

Lastly, she expounded on the centrality of the rosary, a point much appreciated by the students. As freshman Claudia Moudatsos said, “The talk was amazing. I think my favorite part about the talk was when she was talking about the rosary.”

Junior Abby Preiwisch concurred. “I have to say I think what really stuck out to me the most was the emphasis on the rosary and just how powerful of a prayer that was,” she said.