Donald Trump Jr. holds exciting, jam-packed rally in Steubenville.

Francesco Pinque

Staff Writer

Thursday night, Donald Trump Jr. held a rally in a parking lot packed with hundreds of cheering supporters at Bully Tools, a Steubenville business.

Bill Johnson, the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 6th Congressional District, introduced Trump Jr., calling him a “fighter” and emphasizing the fact that the Trumps engage in politics for the people, not for fame or fortune.

Trump Jr. jogged up the stage to a swell of cheers and applause. Throughout the night, Trump Jr. brought up multiple instances of corruption and hypocrisy in the Democratic Party, most of which were directed at presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The first jab, however, was pointed at Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives. Trump Jr. talked about the time when Pelosi set up an appointment with her hair salon in the middle of the intense COVID-19 regulations she herself promoted.

“Nancy Pelosi is third in line to the nuclear codes,” said Trump Jr. “And she was set up by her hair salon! How do you think she would do against Putin?”

Supporters wearing MAGA hats and patriotic gear laughed and shouted as Trump Jr. attacked Biden and the mainstream media. Trump Jr. mentioned Biden’s complicity in the illegal financial activity his son, Hunter Biden, engaged in with China and the Ukraine and the media’s refusal to give attention to it.

Trump Jr. also brought up second amendment concerns, Biden’s inexperience with “blue collar” workers, transgender issues and the Trump campaign’s support for the pro-life movement, all the while rallying the crowd to vote for President Trump’s reelection.

“We need real Americans to stand up,” said Trump Jr. “To fight for their freedoms. To fight for their liberties. To fight for our constitution. To fight for our children and grandchildren. … You cannot just hope your friends go and vote. You need to do it … and when you do that, we can make liberals cry again. We can make America great again, again.”

“I (felt) so fired up afterwards,” said senior Aileen Casillas. “It was really entertaining and informative, so I really appreciated being able to attend.”

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