Exc!te hosts Super Bowl LVII party

By Lauren Hunter
Staff Writer

Franciscan University’s Exc!te hosted a viewing party for Super Bowl LVII in the J.C. Williams Center on Feb. 12 beginning at 6 p.m.

A projector and screen were set up in the atrium, as well as chairs for people to sit in and watch the game. Students also filled the seats on the sides of the atrium.

In the Gentile Gallery, another projector was set up for the crowd of people that could not fit inside the atrium. Large round tables were set up throughout the gallery and students also occupied the balcony section.

Football balloons and helmet balloons adorned the J.C., as did red, yellow, green and white streamers corresponding to the colors of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

A buffet was provided for students which included ingredients for walking tacos: beef, cheese, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and chips. The buffet also had pita chips, tortilla chips, dips and Super Bowl-themed vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

Many students stayed the entire evening to watch the game while others stopped by just for food or to see friends on their way to other parties.

Fans of both teams were present throughout the evening, resulting in animated responses from the audience at various points during the game.

Eventually, the Chiefs beat the Eagles 38-35 in a nail-biting finale.

Senior Maureen Goetz said, “I love watching the Super Bowl every year because I love football, but it’s so much more fun when your team is playing!”

She continued, “I thought it was a really good game. It makes it fun to watch when the game is so close! Go Chiefs!”

Freshman Hannah Neils said that the party “was chill, but in a good way,” adding, “it (the food) was so good! The food was so delicious.”

Exc!te is a branch of student life on campus which is run by students and sponsors events throughout the school year.