Faculty, alumnus advise students on success in finals

Donovan Roudabush
Staff Writer

Three speakers shared general advice with students on preparing for and succeeding at final exams at a talk in the Gentile Gallery Thursday evening.

Marita O’Brien, who holds a doctorate in engineering psychology; Clement Harrold, recent Franciscan University of Steubenville alumnus and St. Paul Center associate; and Ann Dulany, dean of advising, sat down to share their various insights and answer questions from students.

O’Brien began by telling students to be wise in where they choose to study. She said the library may not always be the answer.

O’Brien said it is important to set aside time for leisure and quality activities, making sure to do non-academic activities such as working out and reserving Sundays for the Lord.

“(There are) ways to try to keep yourself engaged so you can actually learn from what you are studying,” she said.

She also said to priorities activities, mentioning how much she would have loved to attend the talk given by the Rev. Mike Schmitz in October but she had an obligation to her students to grade on time.

Harrold spoke next, emphasizing the need to maintain an ordered life amid the chaos of campus. He said it’s important to set habits in place — which he called “keystone habits.”

Harrold said to avoid anxiety at the end of the semester, students should avoid missing assignments or homework. Like O’Brien, he also said appropriate places of study are important.

“There are many students who claim to be able to study in the J.C., (but) I don’t believe them,” he said.

Dulany said that liberal arts are ordered toward good and virtuous habits. She discussed effective test-taking strategies and said to constantly review notes.

“You are responsible; take control of your own life,” Dulaney said to the students.

Free Chick-fil-A food was provided for student in attendance. The event was hosted by Student Government.