Fall festival gives students a chance to de-stress


On Oct 13, the aroma of bonfires and burnt leaves filled the air surrounding the fields outside the J.C. Williams Center. As students gathered to ring in the fall season, the Exc!te team was putting together tables and pouring apple cider to ensure that the evening was as comfortable as possible.

Throughout the night, it felt as though each student stopped by for a few short minutes to escape the stresses of studying for midterms and to make the most of the start of the weekend. Freshman Anthony Butler, who was playing cornhole with his friend group, and said, “Getting out with my friends for a care-free activity such as this is worth the time. What an experience. I am having so much fun, and I already cannot wait until next year.”

Photo by Sabrina Ariss

Laughter, excitement, joy and smiles surrounded the bonfires that were filling the air with the sweet fall aroma. Freshman Sanziana Tamiian appreciated the delicious catered BBQ chicken and pork. She said, “I miss my mother’s cooking, not necessarily because it is cooked at home but because it is cooked with love. This meat seems as though it was cooked with love, and I love that a lot.” She was sentimental throughout the entire evening, missing home and reflecting on what fall was like in her home state of California.

It was easy to get lost in the overall feel of the evening because the lighting outside was very dim lit and the live music, provided by senior Connor Edgington, was the perfect mix of 90’s music and the music of today. Edgington added his own twist on the music, making it more memorable.

Freshman Catherine Tirschman was on a walk with friends, “…and the music simply allured us. Just like that we were immersed into an evening of fun games and stress-free activities. It was just what I needed after this stressful week.”

Overall, the evening was perfectly set to create a care-free time to bring in the fall season. With the bonfires, the exciting conversations and the casual games of cornhole, there was an activity for everyone who attended. Whether students attended to escape the cafeteria food or to relax and listen to music with friends, the fall frenzy was an incredible memory out of the many that will occur on campus.