Feminists for Life speaker sparks controversy among students


On Nov. 3, Students for Life sponsored a talk in the Gentile Gallery at 8 p.m. on the issue of what it means to be Feminist and Pro-Life.

The speaker, Serrin M. Foster, is the president of the program and spoke about how Feminists for Life has been around since 1994. Under her leadership, the community has successfully advocated benefits for the poor and pregnant woman through the State Child Health Insurance Program.

Foster opened her talk about how she is supportive and non-judgmental towards those who have had or have been affected by the horrors of abortion. The talk gave many facts about how abortions affect women.

Just over 20 people attended the talk, which was most likely the result of the timing, as it was the hour before the Sadie Hawkins dance.

The talk was met with varying reactions. While some enjoyed it, others felt that they didn’t entirely agree with Foster’s perspective.

“I enjoyed how Ms. Foster highlighted the pro-life beliefs of the early feminists,” said junior Tatiana Federoff, “and how she gave concrete ideas for helping women choose life today.”

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