Festa d’Italia a success among students

Festa D'Italia
Festa D'Italia
Photo by Kathleen Moesel
Maddie Chawner, sophomore, buys gelato at Festa D’Italia Saturday night.


Sept. 13, was filled with laughter, dancing and great food thanks to the Student Life’s Festa d’Italia.

The annual event, which began at 7 p.m. in the Piazza di Santi, contained all the same elements that students have enjoyed about the event in years past. There was certainly no shortage of free, excellent quality Italian food, along with rich assorted desserts. Although there was a lengthy line for the gelato on sale, many students stuck it out, craving the sweet Italian confection.

The food was a highlight for many students, who commented on the authenticity of the Italian food provided, stating that it really captured the theme of the evening.

“This is my favorite event of the year,” said sophomore Clare McCallan. “My favorite part is the lines,” she said laughing jokingly.

Students seemed to truly enjoy the energetic and vibrant atmosphere created within the Piazza. The evening included ongoing entertainment in the form of a live performance by the Italian-American band Divertimento Paisano.

Many returning students attended the festival, emphasizing that it was always a good time, and that they had been looking forward to attending again this year.

“I like being able to have fun and socialize with people,” said another student, Megan Tucker.

The Italian culture was certainly celebrated in all its facets through the festival over the course of the evening and it was, yet again, another great success.