Fierce dodgeball competition results in contentious win

Photo by Elizabeth Alva

Ben Miller
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Screams filled Finnegan Fieldhouse as students cheered for their favorite households in a dodgeball bracket that lasted well into the night Sunday starting at 9 p.m.

The fieldhouse court was divided down the center with men playing on the left side and the women on the right.

The event was hosted by Household Life. Campus residence directors, graduate assistants and the Rev. Rufino Corona, TOR, acted as referees.

Gabe Salamida, head of Household Life, opened the night and explained the rules before handing off the microphone to Corona to lead contestants in prayer.

There were 18 men’s teams and 24 women’s teams, and each division competed for the prize of $100 to go toward household retreats.

Some of the men’s matches had the audience cowering in their seats as Brothers of the Eternal Song threw the balls at high velocity. On the women’s side, another match included a false start from Carae Domini that ended with their victory.

One intense match between In His Image (IHI) and Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam had many heated exchanges with the referees that resulted in a win for IHI.

Corpus Christi and Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus were both shut out by IHI and Carae Domini respectively in the second round.

The finalists for the men’s competition were IHI and Brothers. The final match was one of attrition with both teams slowly taking out other players. The match ended with Brothers’ victory.

Senior Collin Keogler, a member of Brothers, said it was their teamwork that brought their victory.

“Our rivals did great, (they) fought hard,” Keogler said. “But, in the end, our teamwork paid off. Our commitment to our household covenant paid off, and our commitment to God paid off.”

The finalists for the women’s competition were Stella Mariae and The Little Flowers.

Flowers took the early lead, but Stella made a comeback. After some confusion among the referees, who debated if a player had been hit or not, each team was left with one player on either side.

Both players hit each other at the same time, and, after much debate, the referees decided to call for a rematch. Five players lined up on either side and the match began again.

Flowers took the lead once again, but Stella made a comeback before Flowers made one of their own. The match finally swung in Stella’s favor and ended with a 4 on 1 match and the Flowers’ defeat. This was Stella’s third consecutive dodgeball win.

Senior Mary Cummings, a member of Stella, said she was really proud of how her team and the opponents played.

“I think that was the first time we played The Little Flowers in the finale,” Cummings said. “They were probably the hardest ones we’ve played. I was given a run for my money for sure, but I feel good, ready to rest.”

Junior Alexandra Messina enjoyed the game, but was disappointed with the Brothers’ sportsmanship.

“The games were totally sick. However, what Brothers did as a household is absolutely foul,” Messina said.

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