Filipinos for Christ club recognized by FUSG


Franciscan University Student Government approved a new club celebrating Filipino heritage during its formal meeting Wednesday. 

Spring Bill #13 called for the recognition of Filipinos for Christ as an official Student Government club. According to club president Brother Mike Sibal, MIC, the club is open to all students. About 50 people have signed up to join the club, he said. 

When asked by senators how much money the club would need for the semester, Sibal said the club plans to hold weekly events and will need roughly $80 per month to cover those costs.  

The club was approved unanimously. 

Treasurer Athanasius Sirilla said the contingency fund was running a deficit of $9,000 but an allocation from the Office of Student Life coming soon would leave a total of $22,000 in the account.

Also during the meeting, Sens. Mary Kettinger and Layna Corbett were elected to lead the Development and Outreach committees, respectively.

Two members were marked absent: President Derek Markle, excused; and Sen. Emmanuel Gessler, unexcused.

Student Government will next meet Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.