Fine Arts Letter to the Editor


I can honestly say that I believe that fine art seems to go unappreciated here at Franciscan.

Understand that I love this school dearly, but when you’re a drama major and you hear seniors telling you that they never even knew there was a department, it’s very discouraging. Or people will tell me that they’d love to see the plays at the university but just don’t have the time. Well, that way of thinking is detrimental. They don’t see how important spiritually, emotionally, mentally and philosophically it is.

I think most brush off the concept of fine art as a mere form of entertainment. They don’t realize how deep it is meant to be. The beauty of fine art is not something to just look at, then say, “Oh that’s nice” and walk away. It is only fine art when it penetrates your being! When it enlightens you, convicts you, and stirs something within your heart. There are many forms of fine art: paintings, photography, literature, poems, film, theater, music, musical theater and dance. But again, most just see these as entertainment.

Now, of course, it’s entertaining! But there is a point in which a piece of work goes from mere spectacle to gaining the title of “fine art.” Take dancing, for example. If you see a bunch of dancers just moving to the beat of a random song and there is no story, no message, no meaning, well, then it is just bodies moving to music and you happen to be watching.

But, if the dancers portray a story and give full emotion with their faces and their specific choreography, and the music has a purpose, and everything down to the costumes and hairstyles is a story, now you have a piece of fine art! And without even speaking! How cool is that!?

I’m not discouraging dance, writing, etc. as being just pure fun at times, I just wish to point out the stark difference between hobby and purpose-woven beauty.

As I mentioned at the beginning, fine art is deep and meaningful beauty. It enlightens you educationally, philosophically and spiritually. It does so by drawing you in to what the artist is trying to tell you! But our society, mainly outside of FUS, has watered it down to nothing.

Honestly, these arts are just as important as hearing a deep talk, going to classes for your major, or some other event to that effect.

We can’t afford to lose the very essence of beauty! So the next time someone talks to you about coming to watch their performance, listen to their song, read their work, or look at their painting, do not brush it off.

I would argue that if one can’t appreciate these varied art forms in their peak of beauty and depth, then they can’t appreciate God that much more. God is beauty. He is a storyteller and he gives us the means to tell stories, too, and in so many different ways.