Former US treasurer emphasizes problems of illegal immigration, need for solution


The former United States treasurer presented on the problems of and possible solutions to illegal immigration in her talk in the Gentile Gallery Monday night. 

Bay Buchanan, treasurer under Ronald Reagan, passionately explained to the dozens of students gathered to hear her speak that having open borders would destroy jobs for American citizens. 

“In our strong economy, even today, … one industry after another (has) literally laid off their American workers, often black Americans, … and they have been replaced by those here illegally,” Buchanan said. “It’s beneficial to these companies, and they will do it every time.” 

Buchanan explained that open borders only benefit businesses, who are then able to make more profitpaying their employees less.  

“Cheap labor: that’s what they’re interested in,” Buchanan said. “If these workers became American citizens or had a green card, they would become expensive.” 

Buchanan offered a solution to the border crisis by stating the need to enforce immigration laws.  

They cannot just ignore the law,” Buchanan said, “and expect us to also ignore the law and somehow say it’s OK that some of those people in this country have to live by these laws but others do not.” 

Buchanan also stressed the importance of discussing the immigration issue with peers on campus. She said that students should not be afraid of being called names for having certain political views.  

What is racist about wanting our borders secure and our laws enforced?” Buchanan said. “There is nothing meanspirited about that. It is the job … of our government to do exactly that.” 

Gabriel Warila, junior, shared his thoughts on Buchanan’s talk. 

“Bay Buchanan’s talk was a concise refresher on the drains and costs of illegal immigration and the broad solutions of how border security, enforcing laws and penalizing companies that employ immigrants can alleviate this crisis,” Warila said.  

Buchanan’s talk was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom.