Francis Hall opens semester with club event

Photo by Andrew Nichols 

Ben Miller
Layout Editor

St. Francis Hall was packed with residents and visitors Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. for an opening of semester event called “Club Francis.”

The event was hosted in the ground floor lobby of Francis Hall. Around 50 students danced and socialized in the lobby.

Students were only allowed into Club Francis if they knew a Francis resident.

The event was Hawaiian themed with a projector showing a video of a beach. The TV in the lobby was also set up to display a music visualizer.

A fog machine, accompanied by laser and LED strip lights – courtesy of Francis residents – helped set the mood.

Christian Labrador, resident director of Francis Hall, mixed virgin margaritas, which were complete with little umbrellas.

Sophomore Jake Foster, resident assistant, was the DJ for the event, playing music from early 2000s and 2010s through the night.

Sophomore Ana Novotny said, “Honestly, it was surprisingly fun. The lighting was really impressive; it was easy to feel like a party. The drinks were a really fun touch, and they were fancy. I liked the Hawaiian theme; it really pulled it all together and was a smart choice.”

Freshman Ethan Peterson, a Francis resident, also attended and enjoyed the music.

It was “a lot of throwbacks, which was nice,” Peterson said. “Overall, it looked sick; like, the lights were hardcore and everything.”