Franciscan alumnus addresses navigating business field


A Franciscan University of Steubenville alumnus and business owner gave a talk on growing in practical skills to business students on Thursday at 7 p.m. in the St. Joseph Seminar Room. 

The talk, titled Jack of All Trades, Master of None, outlined Adam Estavillo’s journey in the business world with a degree in business management from Franciscan. 

Estavillo has experience with painting and restoring houses and now works in refinishing and refacing cabinets. He said his business has done well because it only caters to cabinet work. Estavillo used the example of a cancer patient going to see a cancer specialist instead of a general doctor to explain the usefulness of specialization in business.  

“We’re cabinet specialists,” said Estavillo 

As an alumnus, Estavillo talked about student life at Franciscan and creating a balance between a prayer life and school. “Don’t stay up all night in the port – you’re not a monk,” said Estavillo. 

Estavillo told students that making mistakes was part of the process and that working well in the business world was learned along the way.  

“Once you make that mistake, I guarantee you’re not going to make it today,” said Estavillo. “God does want to put you in positions to succeed.”  

Estavillo compared his experience to Michelangelo: looking back at all the hard work he’s put into his career is like Michelangelo seeing his finished work of the Pietà. 

“(Franciscan) has been a special place for me,” said Estavillowho said he was able to “set up a foundation so that I could be a – hopefully – great husband, father, business owner and disciple out there. (I want to) inspire students that may have fear about starting a business or don’t really know what they’re going to do. It’s okay. If you work hard and trust in the Lord … that’s pretty much what I’ve done, and it’s worked enough to be where I’m at today.” 

At the end of the talk, the floor was opened up to questions, and students gave a positive response to Estavillo. 

“I thought it was an inspiration for both people that are looking to succeed in spiritual and business life,” said junior John Kunza, “He gave a lot of interesting points in starting up a business, which is helpful to me as an international business student.” 

“He also made some good points spiritually,” continued Kunza. “When you get excited about your faith, that doesn’t always mean that you need to go into a religious order, but you look for what God is calling you to do, whether it’s in business or some field that you’re studying in.”